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Licensing & Franchising
Licensing & Franchising
With sponsorship from I.E.Singapore (Formely Singapore Trade Development Board) and the assistance of the Singapore Productivity and Standards Board (PSB), we have embarked on an international Licensing and Franchising scheme for past two decades. The scheme has been developed and integrated into a package. This package includes, among other things, the followings:
  • The hardware: i.e., design of plant and machinery, the setting up of laboratory;
  • The software: i.e., transfer of technology, know-how & formulation and staff training;
  • The intangible properties: the use of our trademarks, assistance in the product development and establishing marketing programmes.
The Licensing Scheme has been implemented in Vietnam, Nepal and China. In Bangladesh, our current franchisees are Global Oil Company Ltd and Pacific Oil Company Ltd. We are constantly looking for opportunity to introduce this licensing and franchising program to customers worldwide.

在新加坡政府机构 - 国际企业发展局(IE Singapore)和新加坡生产力和标准委员会(PSB)的支持和帮助下,过去20年来,环球石油一直都在推行“国际授权和特许经营计划”,此计划主要包括三方面:
  • 硬件:工厂和生产设备的设计,设立实验室;
  • 软件:生产工艺转让,配方和专有技术,员工培训,制定市场营销计划;
  • 无形资产:商标使用,产品研发援助等等。
我们已经在越南、尼泊尔和中国开展“授权经营”项目。在孟加拉,目前我们的特许经营方有Global Oil Company Ltd 和 Pacific Oil Company Ltd。另外,我们也不断地向世界各地的客户寻求“授权和特许经营”的合作机会。