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Report Of Persons Occupying Managerial Positions Who Are Related To A Director, CEO Or Substantial Shareholder 25 February 2009
For the Financial Year Ended: 31-12-2008

Name Age Family relationship with any director, CEO and/or substantial shareholder Current position and duties, and the year the position was first held Details of changes in duties and position held, if any, during the year
Ho Chee Hon 32 Son of Dr Ho Leng Woon (Chairman, Director and Substantial Shareholder) and Mdm Lau Woon Chan (Director and Substantial Shareholder) Manager and Legal Counsel in charge of business development, project and legal matters of the Company. The year the position was first held - 20 January 2006
Company Secretary. The year the position was first held - 25 April 2008
Not applicable