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Dr Ho Leng Woon

Having successfully implemented the succession plan at the Group level, efforts will be diverted to the growing of second generation leaders for established subsidiaries and mentoring management teams at new subsidiaries and associate companies.

The global economic recession and murky business environment are likely to linger in 2017. However, we believe, there are always some opportunities amid crises. AP Oil as a Group has, today, emerged stronger than ever before financially, with quite a handsome sum of reserve at hand ready for good investments. I shall continue to be personally involved in searching for new business opportunities and assessment of potential projects.

We have confidence that the Group will be able to tackle challenges ahead and grow from strength to strength.

I am pleased to announce that the Board of Directors has proposed a final dividend of 0.75 cent per ordinary share in cash for FY 2016. We sincerely thank you for the years of continued support.




2017 年,全球性经济衰退和低迷的商业环境极有可能会继续蔓延。但我们坚信,危机中必有机遇。发展至今,环球石油集团有着充足的资金储备,我将继续亲自参与到新业务的发掘和潜在项目的评估中。


最后,我谨代表董事会宣布,2016 年财年最终股息为每股普通股 0.75 分之现金股息。我们衷心感谢各位多年来一如既往的支持。

My best wishes,